Truffles, St. Marks Road – Review

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Truffles. The best place in town for burgers. Period.

This beloved resto-cafe is located on the St. Marks Road in Bengaluru. Lying quietly between the old Bangalorean charm and the dazzling crowd. It has been the mecca of ‘soul food’ or the ‘comfort food’ for the masses and has time-and-again proven to be the best place to have burgers in town.

It was a calm Saturday evening when we entered the joint around 7 PM. Probably early for dinner, you might say. But considering the Bangalore traffic, no parking space (valet parking is provided by Truffles for 50 Rs/hour, Thank you!), unwarranted untimely rains, combined with the rush you get for this little resto-cafe – we weren’t even close to early.

We were able to get the seat for two easily. Though, if you are coming in a bigger group, be mindful of the fact that the seating is a little cramped and there aren’t bigger seating tables available. We luckily squeezed in perfectly, The place did felt over crowded and noisy at first. Music was playing but we could hardly listen to it, considering the crowded place. Having said that, the place has it’s own charm and felt homely somehow. No complaints.

The waiters are alert and plentiful. A big + +. This leaves the place buzzing with activity and the food is served timely and efficiently. Hospitality at it’s best. No wonder they are able to survive from times immemorial.

Moving to the food, we ordered the ‘All American Cheese Burger’. As the menu read, it was veg patty with an additional burst of cheese. Before anything else, we ordered the regular, which in its entirety would be considered as plenty by most people. But if you are the adventurous type, go ahead and order the ‘XL’ and there are options for ‘XXL’ for few other burgers as well. Best of luck with those! Haha.


The burger was perfect. There is nothing more you can ask for. It is served with a side of chips and fries. The melt in the mouth patty with the cheese. This should be the last thing I taste before my last breath. Just go ahead and order one. You won’t regret it.

We also ordered a Crunchy Veg Burger. It was tangy fried patty with all the goodies of perfect spices and cheese inside. No complaints whatsoever. Served with a side of chips and fries. Heaven is This.


We somehow swallowed our shame, post consuming those sinful burgers and ordered the Cottage Cheese Steak. The dish is presented as slices of cottage cheese sandwiched between cajun spice, spiced vegetables, panko crumbled served with caribbean sauce. The place also contained sauteed vegetables and mashed potato on the side. Simply marvelous. The plate looked too beautiful to be eaten. It had elements of surprise and old school charm, both.


With all this food, we did order the cold coffee. Mind you this is not your run of the mill, cold coffee. It was perfection. Cold coffee never tasted better.


Lastly, we had to try the blueberry cheesecake. We were craving for the marvelous cheesecake for some time and here we were, enjoying every delicious bite of the mighty cheesecake, which in my opinion cannot be made any better.



Location – 4/5 (Parking is an issue, Valet parking available)

Ambiance – 3.5/5 (Little conjusted, but homely) 

Staff – 5/5 (No complaints)

Food – 5/5 (Again, no complaints)

Value for Money – 5/5 (All this in less than expected price!)

What’s good?

The soul food with the affordable price tag. The burgers!

What’s bad? 

Seating for larger group might be an issue. Parking issues with the location. No deal breakers!



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