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Chai is more than cup for us Indians. It is the rhythm which gets us going throughout the day. The simple cup of chai transcends all boundaries, cultures and religions. An average Indian mohalla is never complete without a roadside chaiwala, where all the locals gather and have a great time. The importance a good chai holds for us is evident in the fact that a bad cup of tea and ruin the whole day. The tea leaves popularised in India by the britishers ended up being a everyday necessity. India has took the British cup of tea and made it into the Indian Chai. The black, milk, ginger, cloves, cardamom, masala – you name it. There are as many variations of chai available as there are diverse set of people in India. Chai is consumed with every snack throughout the day. Life’s major discussions happen over a cup of tea. India runs on Chai.

Chai Galli is a Chai centric cafe, where the varieties of chai are brought under a single roof and served to the customers. The menu is carefully chosen to reflect India’s love of Chai. The accompanied snacks available are all Chai centric as well. Once you enter the joint, you will appreciate the hip artwork and interiors done to give it a comfortable yet modern feel. There are small intricacies like Bollywood posters, colourful chairs, customised tea pots all add up to the over all aura.

The menu has all sorts of variety of teas – the classic cutting chai, masala chai, ginger chai and other household varieties. They also have Kashmiri Kahwa, Rajasthani chai, different herbal teas, green teas, white teas, among others. Don’t forget, they do have coffee on the menu!! The teas are essentially providing the base for the conversations and you do need snacks to go along with it. The snack menu is as good as the tea menu with options like – khakhra pizza, poha, chole kulche, maggi, khamini, pav bhaji, aloo paratha and other Indian snacks. They also have sandwiches, garlic breads, pastas, risotto in the international snack sections.

Deserts are awesome and who doesn’t need to pamper their sweet tooth. Kiwi cream and Chikku Cream were great. Special mention for the Chai Galli Special Falooda but you do need an appetite to finish it!

The quality of food and tea served is truly amazing. The cafe has caught the real taste which we are used to, and converted them into more than that. Special mention for Kashmiri kawa, Rajasthani Tea (served with saffron water), fried maggi, khakhra pizza and tofu bhurji. Would recommend them anytime and they all do go well with tea!!

Would truly recommend this place to anyone looking to grab a quick bite and have a genuinely good cup of tea. This place is perfect for conversations and provides ample of options to refresh your mind. CCD – we have a competition!


Location – 5/5 (This is the only restaurant is located between the residential district of Brookfield) 

Ambiance – 5/5 (Even though the place is jam-packed with customers, the design of the interiors makes it vibrant and fun, just like its food.)

Staff – 5/5 (No complaints)

Food – 5/5 (With delicious options to choose from, there is no complaint about the taste, quantity, and quality of the food coming out of their kitchen) 

Value for Money – 5/5 (Perfect price for perfect food)

What’s good? Rajasthani Chai!

What’s bad? Personally herbal teas – but those are all acquired taste!

Cheers. Akshat.

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