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Wok is a round vessel which is majorly associated. with the Cantonese and other South Asian regional cuisines. Woks are used in variety of different Chinese cooking techniques  like including stir-frying, pan frying, stewing, making soups and roasting. Wok Paper Scissors, a South Asian styled restaurant, situated in the corner of the 5th block of Koramangala. The orange signage is hard to miss and stands out of the crowd. Location wise, you cannot ask for a better place to be. After all, it is the heart of the Bengaluru’s experimental food start-ups (if you may call it). Wok Paper Scissors, is as hip and chic as the name suggests, aimed at the younger college crowd. The place might not provide you a fin dining experience, like some of the other Pan-asian restaurants, but this outlet does not aim to be like those. The main concept is simple, easy, and portioned food to be served with utmost care.

The joint has two floors, the main restaurant located on the first floor. The interiors are like a Asian café with open windows and light hip interiors. The street styled interiors are aimed at providing the feel of the Asian street restaurants found throughout the South Asian countries. But the open windows let a little too much of street noise which can kill the aesthetic of the place. But apart from that, I personally liked the ambience. The staff of the restaurant are awesome. Smiling while serving and knowing their menu, which as a customer is important. Overall, plus plus!

Coming to the food, it is the run of the mill Pan-Asian cuisine which is being served and the taste is authentic. There are lot of itms on the menu and are prepared fresh in house. We had a change to interact with the Chef directly, who knew his dishes well. Cheers for that! All the dishes we had, overall experience was good, though there were few items which might be made better, which I have talked about in the section below.

I would especially want to talk about the “Wok Box” which is the USP of the place. They let you choose the ingredients which you want to put in the box and enjoy the self made Wok Box. This is like the Asian take away boxes which the world loves. They do plan to make this the new conceptual start-up idea which might be very popular with the new hip crowd who have less time to sit down and eat.

Personally, I loved the overall experience and the food available. With some minor changes, this place would be ready to leave a major mark in the Pan-Asian restaurant lineup we have in Bengaluru. Keep it up guys!

Food ordered: Corn Cheese Wonton, Tom Yum Soup, Balinese styled fish, Chicken in homemade chilli sauce, Chicken dim sums, Rendang chicken with jasmine rice, Crispy lotus stems, Water chestnut and Thai litchis desert and Cheesecake.


Location – 5/5 (Located in the centre of the Times Square of Bengaluru, what else can you ask for? The location serves perfect for the customers especially the college crowd. The only issue is car parking, though that is a drawback of the area not so much specific to the restaurant as such.)

Ambiance – 3/5 (Located on the corner of the street, the orange signs cannot be missed. Orange represents the Asian food which the place represents perfectly. The interiors can be renovated to enhance the overall dining experience. Right now maybe a casual outing is what I might come for, but not for the interiors. Also, the open windows makes it a little noisy for me, drawback of the street facing location. Though, the owner has mentioned they are working on it. So hope to see the change soon!)

Staff – 5/5 (One of the best service I have had. Smile is the secret!)

Food – 4/5 (With delicious options to choose from, there is no complaint about the taste, quantity, and quality of the food coming out of their kitchen. Though, two items disappointed me a little – the lotus stems, which were fried behind required and the cheese cake which did not go with the cuisine, would suggest a fried coconut ice-cream!)

Value for Money – 5/5 (Reasonably priced – especially the Wok Box!)

What’s good? Asian street food at it’s best! Aimed at the college customers, works well. The Wok Box is a winner!

What’s bad? In case they need to work on the look and feel of the place and they should be good to go!

Cheers. Akshat.

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