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Social – Bar and Café is focused to combine the office space with food. Social provides collaborative spaces for people. Although, it has developed into a cult for food lovers. They have spaces all across Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. One of their ventures is located in Phoenix Mall in Whitefield area. Phoenix mall is the prime hub of the bustling market of the migrated Bangalorean area which has a life of its own.  With multiple choice of restaurants covering every cuisine known, it is hard to ignore the place. Sadly, Whitefield Social does not match the standard set by their other outlets, let alone other restaurants located in the mall.

My problem starts with the interiors of the restaurant. The whole mix up between trying to combine colours, style, furniture, timeline – gives us the result of a really confused ambiance which is not reflective of the brand name which goes with it. They might have been trying too hard to achieve a really hip and trendy decor but sadly, the interiors are pathetic. You do get a feeling of an old, dungy, dirty house which would be up for sale with no buyers. The outside seating is decent because of the view and the chance of people watching. Probably, people do not watch these nuances since the customers are either drunk or during the might the lighting is dim. Looks even bad when you compare it to it’s sibling – Koramangala Social!

Now coming food – in the course of writing this blog I have been to White field Social on occasions – so I guess I would be the best person to provide a long term and consistent review of the restaurant. So the final verdict (drumroll) is that the food is mediocre at best. The first time we had food here – it was amazing, probably leading to try it once again – which sucked and the third time was the nail on the coffin and it sucked even more. I will not be going back to the restaurant for food, for drinks – maybe.

Food, when it is good, is tremendous! We specially like the vegetable sandwich, the Irani omelette, blueberry pancake, to name a few. But my problem is the consistency of the preparation. I do not want to go to a joint where the food “might” come out perfect. I need it to be perfect every time for me to come back to the same place, especially with so many options available right next door!

Service is again, dependent on the staff’s mood. Some are courteous and have a smile on their face and some are not at all bothered to even collect the check. I am parting ways with my money and I need to be treated with a friendly and happy atmosphere – otherwise what is the point of being there at all!

Location – 4/5 (Located in Phoenix Mall –  the heart of food for Whitefield, Bengaluru. There is availability of mall parking which makes it easier. The people watching is amazing and after a great day of shopping – probably the right food option!)

Ambiance – 1/5 (Dirty, dingy, old. Period)

Staff – 2/5 (Not consistent enough! 3 visits – not satisfied!)

Food – 3.5/5 (A very generous 3.5 considering the food quality depends on the probability of the particular time and day you visit! No consistency!)

Value for Money – 2.5/5 (Upto chance!)

What’s good? Irani Omelette

What’s bad? Decor, Staff and food (depends)

Keep following. Cheers.


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