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Food. Simple Food. Simple healthy food. Aren’t we all looking for that perfect balance of yin and yang? And our food is a vital part of the whole process! It is said ‘we become what we eat’ so eating right and eating healthy becomes important! If you are like me, you would had thought of where does the indulgence stop and purity begins? It is really arduous to define! I have always struggled to comprehend the definition of conscience eating. We have been programmed to believe that all food which is not made in our own kitchen is not good for us.

Having said this, my experience at Santé Spa Cuisine has made me rethink my own beliefs! Santé Spa Cuisine is an award winning chain of restaurants where they use the freshest and wholesome ingredients to provide the customers with a great experience. Having recently opened their doors to Bengaluru, Santé does cater to the void in the market where people who are conscience eaters can come over and cherish the taste of freshness. Their USP is the wholesome ingredients they procure and use their knowledge of healthy eating in serving some amazing dishes. Nothing used here is processed, even in the deserts. Who is this place for? Everyone and anyone! You need to visit the restaurant to experience and accept the fact that healthy can be delicious.


The Restaurant – Interiors and Decor
You would not fail to notice the restaurant from the main road. Conveniently located cross section of Indiranagar and Domlur, the restaurant has the location advantage. With so many, world class restaurant around – Santé stands apart due it it’s food and the location. Though, valet parking is missing, there is ample parking space outside which is a big plus. While you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted with two colors – green and white.

For me, that itself emit freshness and health. It makes you explore the space more and you can’t help but appreciate the time and thought behind choosing such colors, really clever. The space is divided into multiple sections – on the ground floor they have outdoor seating (which is pet friendly by the way!), and he traditional indoor seating. Once you move to the first floor, they have a cute little balcony, probably my favourite spot for next time and indoor seating as well. You would be surprised to see the thoughtful kids play area as well with books and toys to make life easier for the parents and the kids! Loved the overall home turned restaurant concept and the lovely ambiance. Thumbs up!

The Service
Perfect. When i say perfect, I literally mean perfect. The servers knew the menu well, what would work, what would not. The menu in itself is a bit overwhelming for most people due to the new ingredients and palate which we are not used to. But the servers helped us to know each and every detail of the dish. They were professionals with a smile on their face. We have all been in situations where food experiences have been spoilt due to poor service. Therefore, it becomes crucial to be treated like you do in Santé. We truly enjoyed the company of Pallavi, the owner of the place, who is really passionate about serving the best dishes without compromising the quality. Cheers!

The Food Experience
What can I say – it surely is an experience. First, the taste and combination are new to us and secondly they are made to such perfection that you try to figure out if it is actually made with no processed food. I loved our time at Santé with some amazing dishes coming out from their kitchen. The main thing again, like the decor, is freshness. With each bite you can make out that the difference organic and fresh ingredients can make to our food.

Menu is designed with care and dishes come out perfect. There are few dishes which have a peculiar taste, which is more of a acquired taste. We were surpirsed with some dishes like green pav bhaji, beetroot sorbet, spinach spearmint shake and spaghetti of vegetable salad! Outstanding. Price wise I would say a little on the higher side but worth it considering the quality being served. Seperate menu has been carefully made for people with all food choices. Being an all vegetarian restaurant, this turns out to be a charm! I would urge everyone to try it atleast once, I am pretty sure you will feel amazing. How I wish I could eat such dishes everyday but you know me!

We tried the following dishes –

  • Beetroot Spinach Hummus
  • Green Pav Bhaji
  • Spinach Spearmint Shake
  • Activated Charcoal Coconut Shake
  • Green Thai Curry with Brown Rice
  • Carbon Dimsums
  • Spagetti of Vegetable Salad
  • Beetroot Sorbet
  • Almond Muesli Icecream
  • Inhouse Baked Cookies

Ambiance – 4.5/5 (Small space, yet beautifully decorated with freshness. Ample lighting makes the place look big and cozy.)

Staff – 5/5 (No complaints whatsoever!)

Food – 4.5/5 (With delicious options to choose from, there is no complaint about the taste, quantity, and quality of the food coming out of their kitchen!)

Value for Money – 4/5 (Little expensive)

What’s good? Spagetti of Vegetable Salad and Spinach Spearmint Shake

What’s bad? Activated Charcoal dishes are more of an acquired taste!

Keep following. Cheers.


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