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Bangalore is known as the ‘Pub Capital’ of the country for a reason. The reason is the concentration of pubs within the city limits – which are not only extraordinary in number but also a class apart in quality! No two pubs are the same – they will differ in the aura, the decor, the crowd, the brews, they will even diff in the way they serve! With so many out of the box pubs and bars, it is very difficult for anyone to repeat their visit to any pub! With great pubs comes great responsibility – to give their best each and every time, because you know the customers will find an alternative pretty soon! Having said this, I am pleased to say Bangalore Pub Exchange not only meets the criteria, it also exceeds in most tabs!

“With great pubs comes great responsibility – to give their best each and every time, because you know the customers will find an alternative pretty soon! Having said this, I am pleased to say Bangalore Pub Exchange not only meets the criteria, but it also exceeds in most tabs!”

Inside-Out of the joint!

Located conveniently in the 1 MG Road Mall, the pub provides great location advantage to anyone from Whitefield to the Lavelle Road! The mall provides ample parking space and there is no issue security – that’s one thing out of your mind! You will need to go inside Smash to get access to the pub, which isn’t as easy as it sounds! We did waste 10 minutes to find out where the restaurant was located – but now it will help you, so thank you!

Once you cross the entire smash games store, feeling like an explorer lost in amidst of all the games – you will find the Bangalore Pub Exchange located quietly in a corner which opens up to a cast open space over looking the city – and believe me you will be surprised. Initially I wasn’t sold for the set up of the place, but then it struck me and it made perfect sense – post the gaming session, you do not need to get out and just chill at the pub! Genius! Although, this means that lot of family crowd will visit but it’s Bangalore – everyone’s chill! Works for everyone.

Interior is divided into 4 sections – the bar, the open kitchen, the party hall and the main seating area. There is enough space to have fun and chill out. The bright red seats are inviting and the openness of the space works wonders. The party hall can host decent sized party and provides a separate private space which is lacking in most pubs I have been to. The place is decorated with dull walls and bright props making it stand out and it goes well with their menu. With the open kitchen you can see the chefs at work and it gives a feeling of live barbecue cooking without the smoke! Overall, I would say surprisingly awesome!

Service could be better considering the crowd which they had to cater to. The servers were literally struggling to keep up with the orders and attend to every table. Probably, a couple of more people would do the trick. What I was happy with was the fact that they did tremendous job maintaining their smile and making sure that whenever they are attending a table, they do it with courtesy and finesse!

Food is All You Need!

A pub is not successful only based on their signature drinks. The food accompanying the drink is equally important. A side dish can make or break the restaurant and thus cannot be over looked. Bangalore Pub Exchange does have the usual variety of cocktails, mocktails, beers and the similar. What makes them different from the rest is their food. I would not say it is experimental or fancy, but it is simple, smart and exactly to the point of being perfect. You would be surprised to see laccha paratha and mix vegetable subji being on the menu of a pub right? You will be more surprised of how good it tastes – better than many North Indian restaurants who call themselves expert in these dishes. This is what I call Fusion food at it’s best.

When you find that the basic food at a restaurant is done right – you are at the best place! Food cooked to perfection is an art, not something the chefs are focusing now. Bangalore Pub Exchange does it well. We loved the Roomali Roti Paneer Biryani, the Lachcha Paratha with Mix Veg and the Mushroom Popcorns! Brilliantly prepared and well presented. Had a personal word with the chef – it was that good!

Other dishes we ended up trying was – Hot Basil Paneer, Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and couple of drinks! All were good but not a stand out dish! All in all – well worth trip across Bangalore!


Location – 4/5 (Located in 1 MG Mall, the heart of food for Bengaluru. There is the availability of ample parking. But finding the restaurant was a pain, hidden within Smash and no one to guide you!)

Ambiance – 4/5 (All natural with ample lighting.)

Staff – 4/5 (Understaffed – leading to delay in service!)

Food – 4/5 (With delicious options to choose from, there is no complaint about the taste, quantity, and quality of the food coming out of their kitchen! Deserts would be much better!)

Value for Money – 4/5 (Perfect price for perfect food!)

What’s good? Roomali Roti Paneer Biryani and Mushroom Popcorn!

What’s bad? (Brownie was not fresh – felt more like a microwaved brownie served with ice-cream. if the restaurant can come up with their own line of deserts – it would be lovely!)

Keep following. Cheers.


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