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Zaica of “North Indian Food”

As a North Indian living in Bangalore (if you can call Whitefield as “Bangalore” per the locals), it is quite surprising that down south there are many amazing restaurants serving top notch North Indian cuisine, some are even better than North Indian counter parts (in my view). I believe this is because when an exotic culture is widely accepted by the locals – it is because of the love and respect which makes them adopt the cuisine as their own! Some of the world’s best food comes out of this fusion and don’t we love them all! Bangalore is at the epicenter of the fusion which has continued to happen since the IT boom and is still going strong! This inflow of other cultures leads to high demand for North Indian food and provides chefs with a lot of opportunities. Taking advantage of one such opportunity, Zaica tries to cater to the everyday North Indian food enthusiasts in the Brookefield area!

‘Zaica’ as a brand focuses on the affordable fine-dining experience, providing beautiful ambiance and thoughtful interiors. Their major strength points are North Western Frontier, Mughlai, and North Indian cuisine. They focus on providing the best of the food dishes to bachelors, couples, families alike. Situated in the Brookfield area of Bangalore, they have hit the right market with affordability and taste as their main focus.

Zaica is part of the larger HNS Hotels group who are experts in providing restaurant and food business since long. Other laurels in their hat include Pathankot, Kababs of the Grill, Chai Galli, and Chefs Gallery! These restaurants are located across locations so you can be assured that these guys know their food well. This has helped to make Zaica a go-to place for everyday food for many in the locations they cater to!

Zaica of Food and Service!

The service has never been an issue with Ziaca. The team took really great care of every customer. We did go on a weekday but it was pleasantly quite a busy day at the restaurant. The servers knew their dishes well and helped us with the serving and placing the orders. They also ensured that the food was top notch and we did not face any issue at all. Great job!

Food was what was expected. i would not say I was blown away or that I had the best tasting dishes but it was exactly the way I would want and that is commendable. The food which can be eaten everyday. The home cooking comfort food taken to a notch above. I can assure you one thing that the food will not disappoint you. I personally would order the food again at home (live near the restaurant) since it is the food I know and would love to have it due to the quality. Apart from this , there is nothing really extra-ordinary about the food. Remember, the main focus of the restaurant is great, affordable food and that is what they deliver!

Whenever a customer enters a restaurant, the food is the main focus (obviously!). But for someone like me, the ambiance is also of equal importance because the food is not only about taste but also about the experience. This holds especially true for comfort food dishes which we all hold close to our heart. What differentiates the home-cooked dish which we have every day from the one we eat out? Yes, you got it right – the experience! This is one particular area where Zaica disappoints – I would not say the ambiance is bad, but I do expect basic level maintenance which assures that I have a great time at the restaurant! Affordability at the cost of the experience is not what I am looking for! Just to be clear – I am making this statement based on my expectations – but we all know the food experience is subjective!

Our food order included the following:

  • Lemon Coriander Veg Soup
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Gobi Manchurian
  • Corn Salt and Pepper
  • Pepper Fried Prawns
  • Zaffrani Murgh Tikka
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Paneer Makhani
  • Jaipuri Veg
  • Murg Do Pyaza
  • Rogan Josh
  • Gulaab Jamun Ice Cream

The Verdict!

Location – 5/5 (This is the only restaurant is located between the residential district of Brookfield)

Ambiance – 3/5 (It does not give the impression of fine dining restaurant – but it can surely pass off as a decent family multi-cuisine restaraunt!)

Staff – 5/5 (No complaints – they did take care of everything we requested.)

Food – 3.5/5 (With delicious options to choose from, there is no complaint about the taste, quantity, and quality of the food coming out of their kitchen)

Value for Money – 4/5 (Perfect price for the food)

What’s good? Gobi Manchurian and Lemon Coriander Veg Soup

What’s bad? Mutton Rogan Josh – not the best!

Cheers. Akshat.

The Location

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