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Can I have my dessert in a jar, please?

I have always thought from where the concept of the mason jar in dessert came up. Would it have come into existence due to the ease of storage, the ease of eating, or simply because someone wanted to experiment with the way food was presented? It must be all of these factors combined and I guess it does make a lot of sense – basically, I do love a good old dessert in a jar.

But there is one question – does it give the pâtissier enough space to be creative provided there is literally not enough space in the jar! But then if you actually think about it, the jar presents a unique opportunity to be extra-creative. Everything has to be lined up perfectly for every spoonful to taste exactly as the creator wants it to be. Consistency is the key. It is amazing to see how many textures, layers and flavours can be cramped up in the small jar. It is not just about creating the perfect harmony but it is more about the real symphony coming together!

Videsi Dessert – the desi twist!

Videsi Dessert, a venture of Meraki Kitchens, is the brain child of Madhavi Agarwal. Madhavi has a vision of providing easily accessible international desserts for the masses. The concept is simple, this is the desi twist to the videsi dessert without compromising the taste, textures and senses. Her love of food has to led to creation of six outstanding options for everyone to try:

1. Hazlenut Bliss (dense hazelnut mousse served on moist chocolate cake and spiked with coffee caramel). – Loved this!

2. Pista Rejoice (tres leche sponge layer with pistasio mousse and candied nut crumble) – Igniting senses!

3. Coffee Kick (kapi savoiardi topped with cream cheese filling and nutty chocolate crunch) – Definite choice for coffee lovers!

4. Naariyal Bonanza (fluffy coconut mousse with crispy meringue kisses dressed with chocolate drizzle) – My favourite of the lot!

5. Strawberry Delight (strawberry and chocolate mousse with vanilla sponge) – Refreshing!

6. Santra Thrill (chocolate mousse with flaky tart with orange butterscotch) – Fun and tingling!

The flavours have been beautifully crafted in a jar which provide great texture sith each bite. They are made fresh each day to ensure highest level of customer service possible. The two jar sizes large (250/-) and small (150/-) are great options. Specially the smaller ones since you can buy two instead of one flavour!

Its a small little white and blue place just outide the NIFT campus with limited seating options in the cozy corner. They have books and games for the liesure. But for me, the nain USP is the grab and go concept. Its easy delicious food and perfect for post savoury cravings! Good Job!

The Verdict!

Location – 4/5 (Located outside the NIFT Campus makes it conveniently located for a quick grab and a great casual outing with friends. There are other restaurants in the vicinity serving the main course and Videsi Desserts turns out to be the best option for desserts. The only issue I believe is the parking – easier for bikes but the car might be a problem in case of a heavier turnout.)

Ambience – 4/5 (The place is not for a sit out dessert experience – it is good for a grab and go outing! If you turn out in a group of more then 5 – seating might not be available)

Staff – 5/5 (No complaints – they did take care of everything we requested.)

Food – 4/5 (This place is meant to provide a ‘desi’ twist to the ‘videsi’ desert. Hand-curated and conceptualized by the owner Madhavi – the deserts are really good. They take on the taste buds with a variety of textures and flavours which explode in the mouth! We do know it is a new place for now and they are coming up with more options and seasonal varieties of deserts – would love to see more fruit option myself!)

Value for Money – 4/5 (Decent price for the jars but clearly the winner is the smaller jar option for 150 Rs price tag.)

What’s good? (Nariyal Bonanza and Santra Thrill!)

What’s bad? (Limited options – probably will be difficult to go back again unless you live close by!)

Cheers. Akshat.

The Location!

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