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With the world around us changing every minute of the day, health is being under rated and ignored to make way for other ‘so-called’ important stuff. If health is ignored, the food we eat does not even become part of the attention span. We are so dependent on others to provide and guide us what is right for us even though deep inside we know the answer. Blindly following the trend, “eating fit” is the new mantra along with a sincere urge to live a happier and fuller life. Thankfully we have people like PurpleBasil.in to help us spend all our time in the important stuff while they take care of the health for us.

Let me get straight to the point then, PurpleBasil.in is an independent team of enthusiast who are not only taking care of our health but also focus on rekindling the tastebuds for delicious dishes. I hardly ever use tasty and healthy in a single sentence, but well here I am. And I am glad that this has happened. Oh my life has got a new meaning now. My latest obsession is finding more of these hidden gems across the city and unearth them for you.

The Concept!

The concept is simple – visit www.purplebasil.in, choose your favourite dish and place an order. However, there is a simpler way – subscribe to their plans and let them pick their brains to identify and deliver awesomeness each day one meal at a time. The menu is not exactly readily available which opens the possibility of experimentation and element of surprise each time the meal is delivered to you. Be sure to let them know and talk to them on social media, the team is really accommodating and would be happy to help you out!

The Pictures!

Let me get this straight, oh well … see for yourself …

The Food!

The first meal we tasted was the Arroz Mexicano Paneer Bowl – which is a Mexican flavoured red rice served with slow cooked kidney beans, salsa, corn, bell peppers and paneer! This was accompanied by Nachos with a Hung curd dip and a pineapple tender coconut cooler. THIS WAS TREMENDOUS! And I mean crazy tremendous. How I wish all healthy food I know tasted so good. It actually made me doubt my concept of what good food should taste like. The meal is complete in itself and more than enough for 1 person. On the contrary, even if you end up finishing the whole set alone, believe me you, you will not feel overfed as this is all natural! In fact your body might crave for more. Over eating = want for more food! Am I even making sense?

Next meal we had was the Vietnamese Summer Rolls which are exotic Vietnamese rice paper rolls packed with freshly cut vegetables, raw mango and stripes of grilled tofu (ah, Tofu!!). This was finished off by us with in house peanut based spicy dip and topped it all off with a fresh watermelon salad and tangy raw mango cooler. Before you judge me, I did not had all this alone – I was accompanied by my beautiful wife, Mayuri (who handles our Instagram page by the way) but even if the food was more than enough for both of us – we did end up finishing everything on the plate. The food actually tastes better than it sounds! IT’S AWESOME!

The Verdict!

Location – 3/5 (Now remember this is a delivery only concept and it really doesn’t make sense for me to rate the location but this rating is for the fact that PurpleBasil doesn’t cover the whole of the city yet. So the rating is low for all the people who are missing out on this awesomeness!)

Ambience – N/A ( You know what, I would actually not rate this one!)

Staff – 5/5 (No complaints – they did take care of everything we requested – even while being virtual)

Food – 5/5 (Amazing. Great. Profound. Healthy. Changed my concept of healthy tasty food and I really couldn’t be happier. God how I wish I could eat that peanut sauce right away while writing this review – I think I would have to stop sounding so peanuty. Loved the food!)

Value for Money – 4/5 (This one is tricky. I mean it is healthy and organic. Freshly made. Specific requirements. Target audience is not the average joe – though he should be. BUT for me it still comes on a little higher side, especially given that they are new – can be re worked? I am not sure. If it works for you, it surely makes sense!)

What’s good? (Literally everything I tasted was wonderful. I would not pick a winner (Peanut sauce hands down) but let healthy food win this time!)

What’s bad? (Pricing is little high for us! And not catering to whole of Bangalore – I can’t let you go away with that. Common get it spread out to the whole city soon – they need this!)

Cheers. Akshat.

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