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Why Infusion you might ask? Infusion is an age old technique which has recently picked up pace and been used to experiment with a variety of drinks and food. When this works, it provides a whole new experience to your tastebuds and keeps you wanting for more. Edge takes the concept literally to the edge of perfection and provides unique expressions for both food and drinks.

What happens when you combine food and drinks which have been famous for ages and try to ‘infuse’ it with the modern fusion? You get a truly new experience for the customer and stand out of the crowd. This is what Edge has accomplished. It’s a true new twist to the old concepts of food and drinks which makes you wonder – does this actually work. But believe me it’s wonderfully does.

Located in Whitefield – Varthur Road, this place provides the perfect setting for a perfect evening. The best part about the location is, once you step out you would feel you are not in the city! Easily accessible and parking is not an issue – big relief in Bengaluru. Open spaces, inside and outside seating. A great bar. This place has it all.

Food menu is quite well thought out which leaves everything to imagination. You might think the food would look a certain way but when it is served, it is completely envisioned in a different way. Taste wise it is AMAZING. A point to note is you don’t need to visit the place for drinks, you can just go in for the food.

Our Menu:

Grilled Pineapple with Spicy Cinnamon Honey

Grilled Garlic Prawns with Nori

Litti Chokha

Quatro Fromage Pizza

Vegetable Brochette on Garlic Couscous

Classic Creme Brulee

Drinks: Soul Spa, Liquid Sunlight, Yuzu Delight, Garden Fresh and Charcoal Lemonade

Within the ‘Edge’

Food through my lens!

The Verdict!

Location – The restaurant is located in Whitefield – Varthur Road – which is the hub for the migrated crowd of Bengaluru and houses people from all across the country. Perfect place for an infusion bar to be. Parking is not an issue and even visibility.

Ambience – The interiors are carefully done with a chic and modern look which goes well with the kind of food they serve. It’s a multilevel restaurant with place to sit both inside and outside. An option for everyone. The bar counter is amazing as well!

Staff – The staff tried their best to make every order fulfil in time. There were some positives – like they did explain the menu well but it took lot of time to grab their attention, getting food on time and just the overall finesse. But it’s not a deal breaker.

Food – The food was awesome. I can’t complaint here. They had a good variety of dishes ranging from pan Asian to Rajasthani. Every dish had a unique twist to it. This makes the restaurant stand out from the other options available.

Drinks – Huge collection and variety. The bar tenders are more than capable to handle a large crowd without compromising the quality. They do have some new drinks on the menu which everyone would be head over heels for.

Value for Money – I would definitely call the place a value for money. No issues here.

What’s good? Litti Chokha. The drinks menu.

What’s bad? The service can be coordinated better.

Cheers. Akshat.


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