Healthy Master – A revelation

It’s been a long day. You come home to find nothing left over in the fridge. You had told your house mate  that you would be eating out today. And now, your stomach is grumbling to the core. What do you do? Most of us would open the snack counter, take out the packet of processed food and munch while binge watching the latest episode of that series and doze off.

How many of you can relate to this? What if I told you that Healthy Master had the better tasting snacks which you could choose instead of the processed junk for probably cheaper? What if I told you that the products are high in fiber, low in calorie, has no maida? Would it also make you intrigued if I told you that the products are made with the same mother’s love by their makers? Surreal right?

Healthy Healthy Master has been a revelation for me – as you are aware, I am a firm believer that healthy products cannot be tasty. It was surely a myth. And that myth has been busted! I was shocked to see, how much junk I consume on a daily basis when I eat those mid day snacks to pass my time between my larger meals! Obviously, if given a choice who would not choose the healthier option!

What’s on offer?

When you visit their website, you would see options like makhanas, various kind of seeds, millet noodles, wheat puff in various flavours, chiwada, crispy corn, dry fruit laddus and the list goes on and on. These get paired with your daily routine quite easily. Imagine savouring the amazing flavours without compromising on your diet! For that itself, I would need to give the team a round of applause!

They have offers of gift packaging products, bulk ordering and many more. It’s quite amazing to see the journey and vision with which the company is being run without compromise.  You can order their stuff on their website and mobile app. Do keep checking for discounts and offers. They also have options to WhatsApp or email. It all begins with a thought. The idea of a new concept of recipe is generated and conceptualised by Shivali & Dipti! It takes multiple experiments to prefect the requirements and bring those to shelf!

How it is made?

The products are made with all natural and healthy ingredients keeping a choice of customer needs in mind. The products are short in shelflife but high in value! As rightly put across by them, it is better to maintain health rather than shelf life of a product! There can be no easier choice!

What I want to send across is that you don’t need to worry about the quality of the products, it is as good as being prepared at your home & with greater care than one moms! It is mothers bundle of joy packed! This is amazing.

Do let me know your thoughts about the products! if you have any suggestions, feel free to write to them! They would be more than eager to hear from you!


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