The Rogue Elephant, Basavanagudi

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The Rogue’ness’ of the elephant?

The name is attractive. There, I have set the context. It is hip. It is new generation. It is fresh. Probably what the restaurant in itself stand for! Located in Basavanagudi, the place is a surprise once you enter! It is an old residential compound converted into this beautiful gem of a place – which houses a restaurant, a boutique and a green house! The moment you step inside, you will be greeted with a sense of belonging – like everything inside go together really well – the plants, the wooden tables, the colourful touches of show pieces carefully placed.

But you might ask – is the elephant so rogue after all? I can assure you it isn’t! The whole concept is laid back. You will feel a calm in the air, the food and the servers. This restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisines along with a variety of other Continental delicacies. This place is perfect for those long reading sessions, the perfect evening for discussions and perfect place to just chill! Having said this, you cant deny the fact that the food is the most important ingredient that would bind all these things together? Let’s check it out!

The Food!

Freshness in food can only be achieved by only one thing – fresh ingredients. This clearly is the philosophy at the Rogue Elephant. Along with the surrounding – which is green and fresh in itself – the food instantly pops out with the freshness. We were served with a smile all the dishes which makes it even more refreshing.

The whole conceptual food goes perfectly with the overall theme of the restaurant – calm, relaxed and green. Coming to the specifics of our menu for the day:

  1. Veg Tagine, Apricot & Cuscus – This is a moroccan inspired dish consisting of tagine and rice. The overall taste was tangy, medium spicy and had a punch.
  2. Toffee Cheesecake – The cheesecake was spectacular. Probably one of the better ones we have had recently. It was not on the menu but do go ahead and ask about it to try your luck!
  3. Muskmelon Avocado Salad – Conceptually it works out. Visually it works out. But it missed on the crunch while eating. The ingredients need to be reconsidered for the extra bite full of taste. As both avocado and muskmelon are soggy, it makes the overall salad but soggy.
  4. Strawberry Smoothie – Strawberry smoothy was fresh and thus contained the flavours.
  5. Jamaican Jerk Chicken – Jamaican Jerk Chicken was amazing. It contained the authenticity of Jamaica and the dance of the taste buds. Although, I liked it – it might be an acquired taste for some people.
  6. Soup of the day – Corn Soup – The typical corn soup.
  7. Crispy Pesto Chicken – Surprise element. The chicken itself was fresh and hence added to the taste. The breads provided can be improved but not a big deal.
  8. Affogato Coffee – Loved the espresso and vanilla ice cream shot! Must try!

Special mention of the holiday menu! Available from Dec 1, 2019 – Jan 31, 2020! Check details here.

The Verdict!

Location – The restaurant is located in Basavanagudi with ample parking and ambient space. The place contains a designer store Basava by Kris and a gardening store where you can get clothes and plants along with a delightful cafe. There is greenery, antiques and decor all around.

Ambience – Green and wood is the theme of the place which goes well with the freshness of the ingredients it offers. The seating arrangement is cafe styled which provides multiple seating options. The overall theme is cosy and relaxed. This might be a perfect place to read and write, among the sounds of the birds and whispering of the trees.

Staff – The staff tried their best to make every order fulfil in time. There were some positives – like they did explain the menu well but it took lot of time to grab their attention, getting food on time and just the overall finesse. But it’s not a deal breaker.

Food – Chilled out is the word to describe even the food here. They have the typical cafe options but also provide off the menu specials to cater to every taste. Using fresh herbs and ingredients help them achieve the five elements of taste – salt, bitter, sweet, sour and umami. They have to perfect their dishes and work on them more to get the perfection working out. For now, it is workable with some extra ordinary dishes like the special Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

Value for Money – I would definitely call the place a value for money. No issues here.

What’s good? Fresh strawberry shake, jerk chicken and toffee cheesecake.

What’s bad? It has the elements to go beyond what the place is right now. With the managemet focus in improvement, it does look to be on the right path. Comapring it to other cafes would bring out the shortcomings but individually I liked it.

Cheers. Akshat.