The Delhiwala’s Kitchen, Brookefield

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Delhiwale are in town!

Delhi has always been the food capital of India. Bringing the food culture of Delhi to Bangalore is nothing less than remarkable. Anyone trying to achieve this feat, should truly know the Delhi foodism to the core. This is exactly what is the story behind Delhiwala’s kitchen. It is a small set up but the food speaks for itself. The moment you enter the establishment, you will be treat with smiling faces and a feel of comfort. They have limited seating at the restaurant but that does not stop them from bringing Delhi to your table.

The menu us simple and typical North Indian cuisine – from rajma, kadhi, naan, kulcha, you name. Price wise I had no complaints at all – you pay for what you get and you get some amazing food. It is the perfect food for hostellers, office people, basically anyone looking to have some spice in life! The ingredients used are fresh with no added colours. Everything is made to order and location wise it is strategic for delivery to all the tech parks and PGs.

There are not your typical fine dining restaurant and that is not their audience as well. What they cater to is the North Indian loving bachelors and homes – who want simple yet varied choices! This makes them stand out. They obviously can take the route of going towards becoming a fine dining restaurant but per me it might be the long run plan! Overall, it is one amazing place to have those soft paneer tikkas and dahi ke kababs!

Our menu:

  1. Dahi ke Kebabs
  2. Paneer Tikka
  3. Dal Makhani
  4. Chana Masala
  5. Alu Methi
  6. Kadhi
  7. Chilli Cheese Naan
  8. Veg Kulcha
  9. Sweet Lassi

The Verdict!

Location – 4/5 (Delhiwala’s is situated near AECS Layout on the Brookefield road. From a restaurant perspective, it might not be a great location but from the audience it caters to, it is perfect. Near PGs and near tech parks. It would be a bliss for anyone near this place for food delivery as well!).

Ambience – 3.5/5 (It is a small space for seating. Maybe grab a causal quick bite here and you will be fine. But it obviously can’t compare to the fine dining restaurants in town. Remember, it is not one anyways. This place is more about the fresh food of Delhi being served in Bangalore).

Staff – 5/5 (No complaints – they did take care of everything we requested).

Food – 4/5 (Delhi is known for it’s food. Delhiwala’s will also be known for its food. They make their best effort to ensure that the food coming out of the kitchen is perfect and tastes amazing! For me, personally I still feel there is a bit missing somewhere which is the ‘oomph’ in the food. If I order and eat the food I would be happy but it might not remain in my mind for a long time!).

Value for Money – 5/5 (It is priced reasonably for what they offer. Period. No complaints whatsoever. You get what you order and you will be happy with what you pay).

What’s good? (Dahi ke kabab. Chilli cheese naan).

What’s bad? (They are good at what they are doing. Now to take it to the next level, some intricacies need to be taken care of)

Cheers. Akshat.


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